Kaleidoscope Cap Hat by Rhonda Potteet with Townhouse yarn

Oh my lovely viewers I just can't stop knitting hats lately. Do you know this is my 35th on my YouTube Channel? This amazing pattern has been gifted to me by Erika from Loare Knits Podcast and it took me ages to knit with it. First of all was waiting for a perfect yarn that will speak to me and second for someone who will be so happy when I share a bit of that happiness with. Thank you Erika isn't it pretty!!!!! I love it. I still have that colour work so no worries it is on my list too. Anyway, it was an amazing knit and I forgot to mention during the video I HAVEN'T MADE ANY MISTAKES, except I took different size of the needles and had to finish a little bit earlier so I made up my own decrease........ :) but over all everything was fine and looks amazing.

knit In The Park HAT in a homespun house yarn

Hat full of trees like in a park. I called it In the Park because we have one park in our memories that we would like to go or come back. I haven't written down a patter yet but hopefully soon if you like it. The yarn is amazing the blend and the colour way is just the one. I forgot to mention in the video that I used 50g of this yarn so I have another 50g to knit something with it or a matching shawl... who knows.

knit Three Cables HAT yarn Kingcole

Do you like this hat? Let me know. Lately I am not the most motivated person to write patterns just to knit. However, with your encouragement everything can change. I design this pattern on the way to Brandon Beach in Co. Kerry, Ireland and I knit most of it in the car and during our walk approx 10km. It is a gift for my mother in law to her addition to Narita Express Shawl by Marsha Ibuki that I have knitted last year.

knit Angel Hat FREE PATTERN by Kay F Jones - yarn Gnomeacres

Probably you do not want to read a lot here is the link to Angle HAT - FREE PATTERN by Kay F Jones You need to know that the yarn needed is worsted and off you go. I love it.

knit My Rainbow HAT - Comeragh and Drops yarn

My Rainbow Hat pattern by ME - FREE PATTERN I made this hat on circular needles working from the brim up. I had lots of fun playing with Comeragh yarn Spice Market seeing how it shows its colours if we have a few rows, just two rows or just one row of it. I think together it gives very fun and playful effect which I really like. I bright up the yarn with some natural off white colour by Drops as a contrast colour. I really like it. This is my version of a sock head hat for 22inch/56cm. I have casted on 136sts as you could have heard watching video and it is very slouchy, but I like it this way.

knit Go Slow HAT - Soft Donegal yarn

Thank you all for spending some time with me. This hat is my inspiration and item to remind me to slow down, cherish moments, do what I like and makes me happy. I hope it will be the same for you. The profits from this hat will be for post and prizes for my podcast. Thank you for support if you have purchased it.