knit Picacho Peak HAT by Alyssa Latuchie - Debbie Bliss yarn and Pony needles

FREE PATTER - Picacho Peak HAT by Alyssa Latuchie. I was looking for a hat, which would match my Whispering Pines Shawl and I found this. I love this pattern as it is not only a fast knit but also it has a chart and lately I love charts. If you have any suggestions what other hats you would recommend me to knit please leave comment down below the video on YouTube. I love this knit.

knit Phoenix HAT by Sally Cameron

It is a Pay Pattern but just over €2 - Phoenix HAT by Sally Cameron. I received it from one of my generous viewers. My FIRST TIME EVER sock hat - watch video so you will know if you don't know why I am wearing socks on my head :). A perfect pattern for a gift, have to agree with that with a good cause behind. Let's send some Phoenix love to everyone. Go to podcasts and if episode 21 is still up as a first one you have a chance to win any pattern of your choice up to €5. Good luck :)

knit Stripy HAT

I hope you are going to like his one too. It is very simple and for beginners too. I hope you will enjoy it the link to download the pattern below. My last hat for a Monthly Hat Giveaway.

knit Cable HAT

I will take this opportunity and will try to create a PDF document with a FREE PATTERN for this hat - I think it will be way better than writing it below. I hope I will have it posted soon - of course I am not the best in writing pattern so if you are tempted to knit this hat read it at least once and if it's ok go for it if you find mistake please let me know This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I hope you enjoy it - watch video as I explained how I knitted it too.

knit 1920s Flossie HAT

I had as much fun knitting this hat as I had making this video. Maybe not the best 1920s make up but it gives you an idea. Flossie Hat is a paid pattern, for those who ask. I used Irish wool and we shall see how I feel with 100% wool on my head. I hope it's going to be all right. I hope you enjoyed my video and if you did please subscribe and give ma thumb up - it will make my day.

knit Skiing HAT

Try something new! It is my motto. It doesn't have to be perfect and it will never be when you are doing something for the first time. In this hat new things for me: creamy chunky ribbing and slouchy hat - probably should be even slightly more slouchy, but well I can always make extra slouchy hat in the future.