Shadow Hat with Shadow Yarn dyed by a friend

I love knitting with yarn that I received from knitters. The knitting is even more special for me. I will be taking this hat and thinking where I knitted it and form who I got it. I think it is the best present ever - thank you.

Tie Dye HAT with Super Crafty Girl yarn

FIRST TIME EVER PROJECT KNITTED WITH A SOCK BLANK!!!! You see even small things can make happiness. I am truly that simple - hi hi hi. Amazing bright, fun colours helped me to finish this hat as I had some difficulties with moving stitches while working in a round. Go watch my video I will tell you all about it.

Blue Morpho Knitologie HAT yarn Knitcrate

This one was all about yarn I saw this colour and I knew it is going to be fingering weight hat.... it just had to be. I love the effect it shows an amazing stripes with neon highlights. The hat has dark colour as a base and this butterfly effect is amazing. I love it so much. I used less than 50g so the next 50g I can knit another hat or socks with contrast heels and toes or just give it to a friend to have almost matching hats. I do not know what to do - beautiful colour.

Forgotten Path HAT by Barbara Nalewko, Seawall Fibres & Malabrigo yarn

My NEW design a hat to match your beautiful shawls Forgotten Path Hat . It is a bottom up fingering weight hat with charts, knitted in a round. I hope you will enjoy knitting it. Please don't forget to share it with us #knittingILoveHAT and #ForgottenPathHAT. Thank you for your support.

Antler Toque FREE PATTERN by TinCanKnits, ModeKnit Yarn

I have knitted a pattern that every knitter has probably knitted as it has four sizes: Baby, Child, Adult Small, Adult Large and the most important thing it is BEAUTIFUL - FREE PATTERN Antler Toque by TinCanKnits. It took me four days to knit it but you know I spent an hour here and an hour there. The most frustrating part was to move those cables so if any of you have a tip for cables please let me know - message me on IG or Ravelry.

Yarn I used is amazing and I am giving away ModeKnit Yarn 100g of the same base skein away as I received two from amazing KnitCrate - check their monthly boxes and if you do and like use KIL20 for 20% off for your first box.

Kaleidoscope Cap Hat by Rhonda Potteet with Townhouse yarn

Oh my lovely viewers I just can't stop knitting hats lately. Do you know this is my 35th on my YouTube Channel? This amazing pattern has been gifted to me by Erika from Loare Knits Podcast and it took me ages to knit with it. First of all was waiting for a perfect yarn that will speak to me and second for someone who will be so happy when I share a bit of that happiness with. Thank you Erika isn't it pretty!!!!! I love it. I still have that colour work so no worries it is on my list too. Anyway, it was an amazing knit and I forgot to mention during the video I HAVEN'T MADE ANY MISTAKES, except I took different size of the needles and had to finish a little bit earlier so I made up my own decrease........ :) but over all everything was fine and looks amazing.