Humulus Sweater by Isabell Kraemer with WolffundSchafe yarn and Comaragh yarn

My first colour work sweater using such a beautiful yarn DK although the pattern calls for Worsted weight yarn. I got the gauge in DK and in different needles but to hear all about it go and watch my lovely video. I have made some colour modification at the bottom of the sweater but I hope it just gives an extra interest. I love it so much and would recommend to everyone to knit this sweater. The pattern gives you 7 sizes I knitted size small.

Longline CARDIGAN by Joji Locatelli yarn Circustonic Handmade

My first ever Cardigan knitted by me, such a feeling. Second fingering weight sweater. I am so proud of myself that I can't wait to take needles and start a new one. I love hats and if I can cover my head with one I am over the moon, but with a garment when you wrap yourself in such an amazing yarn and hand knit fashion beauty I can't even explain the feeling. Let me know under the video on YouTube what are you knitting? have you ever knitted a garment before? In what weight yarn? was it a pullover or cardigan? or maybe you have something on your needles? Let me know all about it.

My First Fingering Weight Is it Crazy Cables Sweater, yarn Drops Flora

Oh my, My FIRST TIME EVER FINGERING WEIGHT SWEATER!!!! I am so happy as even though it has some 'special touches' I can still wear it. It took me slightly over 2months but I am so happy I have a finish object now. I love the feel of it and how cozy it is - completely different than DK. I would love to have another done but it all takes some time. Fingering sweater is not for everyone but if you have knitted any please leave comment under the video and tell me what did you knit. I can't wait to hear what pattern you used, what yarn you used and how many 'special touches' you had.

Flax SWEATER by TinCanKnits yarn Tivoli, Kirkton House

I start knitting this sweater without making a gauge. I though I will start for the 10yo size as this FREE PATTERN Flax Sweater by TinCanKnits gives you size from a baby to an adult. It took me a long long time to knit it as the only place I felt comfortable to do it was at home. I call it my home sweater now.

Pink Tunic - little pink dress

You need to know one annoying thing about me. When I get a book (I buy it, or I get it). I need to read it or use it. Thatís how I learned how to knit. I got a knitting book with some patterns and the first thing I did from that book was a sock. I did not know that the sock is the most advance garment, but hey I did it. Therefore, I will try to do as many projects as I can (at least those that I like) from the Kids & Toddlers KNITS.