Flax SWEATER by TinCanKnits yarn Tivoli, Kirkton House

I start knitting this sweater without making a gauge. I though I will start for the 10yo size as this FREE PATTERN Flax Sweater by TinCanKnits gives you size from a baby to an adult. It took me a long long time to knit it as the only place I felt comfortable to do it was at home. I call it my home sweater now.

Pink Tunic - little pink dress

You need to know one annoying thing about me. When I get a book (I buy it, or I get it). I need to read it or use it. Thatís how I learned how to knit. I got a knitting book with some patterns and the first thing I did from that book was a sock. I did not know that the sock is the most advance garment, but hey I did it. Therefore, I will try to do as many projects as I can (at least those that I like) from the Kids & Toddlers KNITS.